The final year engineering students in TN would be taking up real time projects to find technological solutions to solve various issues and challenges faced by the TN government. The TN govt`s latest decision to involve the engineering students is making amazing news now as it would be the first of its kind move.

It is well known that projects or internships are compulsory for the engineering students studying in the final year. Majority of the students from various government based engineering colleges mostly take up projects such as e-governance, civil construction and IT and submit their projects to their respective colleges for final evaluation.

It was mentioned by a senior officer from the HED that many students do their projects with private firms only. He spoke about how the TN govt has now taken up a decision to allow the final year engineering students to do their projects in various government departments.

It is now said that TNSDC or Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation as well as EDII or Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute would be monitoring this new initiative that would begin from this academic year onwards.

There are now 40 government departments and each dept would have its own issue. The final year engineering students would play an important role to solve these issues and improve the functioning of day to day activities.

Objective of the initiative:
By this, talents of the engineering students would come out and this would be the main aim of this latest initiative. The students would be able to choose their projects in their required stream. A selection committee would be formed soon and the students would be asked to send their proposals to the committee. The close examination of the student`s project proposals would be carried out by the committee members. The TN govt would provide all its help for the students who were selected and these students would then work in groups in each project.

Information is that 40 good projects would be chosen by the selection committee and would be implemented. It is superb to note that out of the total selected projects 10 best innovations would get Rs 1 lakh reward each.

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