There has been a substantial increase in electric power consumption in the quarter of April-June!

Statistical data released by TANGEDCO informs that there has been an increase of 40.776 Crore units in electric power consumption during the quarter of April-June 2023.

Compared to the figures of the previous year 2022-23, this is a 1.8% higher consumption. At that time, the national power consumption was 4044 Crore units. Regarding the year 2021, April-June consumption was 34037 Crore Units. When compared with this data, the consumption for the quarter of April-June 2022 has been 17.6% higher. As such, the consumption for the current year has recorded only a mild increase!

In the year 2022, the maximum power consumption during April-June was 215.88 Gigawatts. As for the year 2023, the figure for April-June consumption has increased to 223.23 Gigawatts. The statistics for the year 2021 indicate that this was 193.99 Gigawatts.

Due to incessant rains throughout the country last March and April, the requirement for air-conditioners/coolers came down considerably. As such, when compared with the year 2023, lesser power was consumed in this period in 2023.

However, as the summer season starts after June, the Ministry of Electricity had estimated that the requirement may touch 228 Gigawatts. But, due to the cyclone Biparjoy and the heavy rains, the requirement for electric power did not reach the expected peak level.

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