We explore the Subha Muhurtham dates for the upcoming 30 days, shedding light on the significance and auspiciousness of these moments in various cultures.

We`ll provide a comprehensive list of dates and times to help readers plan their significant life events, whether it`s a wedding, housewarming, or any other special occasion.

By understanding the importance of these dates, readers can ensure that their celebrations are blessed with good fortune and positivity.

Subha Muhurtham Dates for Next 30 Days

Date Tamil Month Day Pirai
25th October 2023 08th Aippasi  2023 Wednesday Valarpirai
27th October 2023 10th Aippasi  2023 Friday Valarpirai
01st November 2023 15th Aippasi  2023 Wednesday Theipirai
10th November 2023 24th Aippasi 2023 Friday Theipirai
12th November 2023 26th Aippasi 2023 Sunday Theipirai
16th November 2023 30th Aippasi 2023 Thursday Valarpirai
19th November 2023 03rd Karthigai 2023 Sunday Valarpirai
23rd November 2023 07th Karthigai 2023 Thursday Valarpirai
24th November 2023 08th Karthigai 2023 Friday Valarpirai
29th November 2023 13th Karthigai 2023 Wednesday Theipirai

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