Did you know that stomach cancer is regarded as the third most deadliest of all cancers and there are about 50000 new cases of stomach cancer now? Shocked right!!
Across the world, stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer. It must be noted that genetics as well as lifestyle choices play a huge role in stomach cancer. There are several symptoms associated with stomach cancer like prolonged indigestion or heartburns, unwanted weight loss, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting with blood, loss of appetite, issues in passing stools etc.
Please try to avoid these habits that can make you prone to stomach cancer. They are
Over intake of salty foods:
The stomach lining would get inflamed when we eat excessive amounts of pickles, processed foods etc. this would lead to stomach cancer also. So, please be careful.
Excess smoking:
Both lungs as well as stomach would get affected when we smoke excessively. Smoking would reduce the immunity and would make us prone to many diseases easily. Stomach cancer is one deadly issue we could get by excessive smoking.
Intake of sugary drinks, snacks etc:
High sugar drinks and snacks can make a person get affected with stomach cancer. It is necessary that we must reduce the sugary intake, avoiding sweet foods etc.
Non consuming fruits and vegetables etc:
By not eating fruits and vegetables, our health would become bad is known. There are more possibilities of getting stomach cancer also. By making the right dietary choices, we would be able to avoid stomach cancer etc.
Having excessive stress:
It is true that excessive stress can lead to many mental as well as physical issues in us. E can get stomach cancer due to excess stress also. We must avoid excess stress by doing breathing exercises, yoga, meditation etc. By doing these, we would feel calm and relaxed.

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