When there is a high level of certain minerals in the urine, then we could get kidney stones in us. It must be noted that the kidney stone issue is also known as nephrolithiasis. Point is that kidney stones are hard pebbles like pieces of materials ( calcium oxalate) that are formed in one or both the kidneys. The kidney stones could be of different sizes and shapes. The presence of kidney stones in us would be highly uncomfortable due to the severe pain.

Various causes for kidney stones in us are dehydration, intake of a diet rich in certain minerals like oxalate and calcium etc. Kidney stones issue in us could also be due to the genes.

These foods would reduce the formation of kidney stones in us.

Intake of citrus fruits:
There Are possibilities of avoiding certain types of kidney stones by eating citrus fruits like oranges, lemons etc that are rich in citrates.

Intake of pomegranates:
Apart from providing many health benefits like keeping inflammation away, having anticancer properties etc, intake of pomegranates would also help us to reduce the issue of kidney stones.

Intake of berries:
Not only intake of berries like blueberries, strawberries etc would provide benefits like lowering BP, improving heart health etc but they would also reduce kidney stone formation.

Intake of leafy green vegetables:
Moderate intake of leafy greens along with calcium rich foods would be superb for us as they would bind oxalate in the gut. By this, absorption would be lowered.

Intake of water:
It is possible to avoid kidney stones in us by drinking water regularly and by keeping us well hydrated. Truth is that by drinking enough water then urine would get diluted and the minerals that form stones will get flushed out.

Intake of whole grains:
By eating the whole grains, we could have a healthy weight and this would prevent the formation of kidney stones in us. Various examples of whole grain foods are  millet, barley, quinoa, black rice, brown rice etc.

Note: It is important to avoid eating certain foods like oxalate rich foods like peanuts, rhubarb, spinach etc and by this we could avoid kidney stones.

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