The third and final round of counseling for engineering admissions in Tamil Nadu has commenced, following the allocation of professional seats to over 50,000 students in the first and second rounds. According to a senior official from the Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE), eligible students with ranks ranging from 87,050 to 1,76,744 are now able to participate in this pivotal round of counseling, which began at 10 am on Tuesday and will continue until 5 pm on August 24.

In this round, a total of 89,694 students, who achieved cut-off marks between 141.86 and 77.50, have the opportunity to secure their engineering admissions. It`s noteworthy that this academic session will feature just three rounds of counseling, a departure from previous years when four rounds were conducted, as confirmed by the DOTE official.

For students participating in the third round of counseling, tentative allocations will be unveiled on August 25, with provisional allotments scheduled for release on August 27. To secure their seats, these candidates must report to their respective institutions on or before August 31.

Regarding the earlier rounds of counseling, the official disclosed that provisional allocations were granted to a total of 50,615 students in the general category who participated in the first and second rounds. Additionally, 6,222 provisional allocations were extended to government school students who benefited from the 7.5% horizontal quota.

This streamlined approach aims to efficiently facilitate engineering admissions while accommodating eligible students in Tamil Nadu`s prestigious institutions.

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