The Tamil Nadu government is consulting on providing Rs 1000 cash for the upcoming Pongal festival.  It is well known that the ration card holders in TN are being provided with rice, jaggery, sugarcane and cash every year for the Pongal festival.

It must be recalled that in 2023 for Pongal festival 2019 cr family ration card holders and for those people living in the Sri Lankan camps etc a amount of Rs 1000 plus one kilo rice, one kilo sugar and one full sugarcane were provided. Just similar to last year, even for this upcoming pongal festival also it was expected that Rs 1000 would be provided to the ration card holders in TN.

Truth is that announcements regarding Pongal amount etc were not made due to the relief works carried out due to the Michaung cyclone that destroyed Chennai and its nearby places on 3rd and 4th December plus floods in the southern districts in 17th and 18th December etc.

A GO was released regarding the Pongal gifts that would be issued for the public and it said that an ordinance has been passed giving administrative approval for the Pongal gifts.

The GO mentioned that as per 31st October 2023 for about 2cr 19lakh 57402 persons, those with family ration cards and those living in Sri Lanka Tamil rehabilitation camps one kilo rice, one kilo sugar and sugarcane would be provided. For this, a fund amount of Rs 2389272741 has been allotted and an ordinance has been passed issuing administrative approval also.

It is brought out that the TN govt is considering issuing Rs 1000 as pongal cash amount and coupons for Pongal gift would be distributed in a few days. The concerned departments are now involved in the works regarding providing the Pongal gift in the next week.

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