Winter season might be nice and chilly but we must be very careful about our lifestyle or else it might lead to issues in us. Especially in the winters we might eat more processed foods but we would not drink enough water etc. This could be harmful for the digestive system as it would need fluids and fibres to function well. There are possibilities of harder stools or reduced bowel movements or constipation in us. It is known that constipation is a condition where a person would have less than 3 bowel movements in a week.

Harmful habits in winters that could lead to issues in the regular bowel movements are

Inadequate constipation:
In the winter season, we might not feel the need to drink water as the thirst would be reduced. It is necessary to drink enough water and stay hydrated in the winters. Truth is that insufficient intake of water would lead to hardening of stools and to constipation. It is important to drink water frequently even in the winter season to get rid of this issue.

Reduced fibre consumption:
In the winters, we might not eat enough fibre based foods. It must be noted that the presence of fibres in foods would add bulk to the stools and we would be able to pass stools easily. To avoid constipation in winters, we must eat enough fruits, vegetables etc.

Lack of enough physical activity:
In the winter seasons, many of us might not go out for activities and would lead a sedentary lifestyle. This absence of physical activity would lead to constipation in us. To avoid this, we must incorporate indoor activities.

Excess intake of dehydrating beverages:
We could have a dehydrating effect when we drink excess coffee, tea etc in the winters. Truth is that caffeine could lead to water loss and this would lead to constipation.

Excess processed foods intake:
In the winter season, we must try to reduce the intake of processed foods as it might lead to constipation issues in us. It is important to consume healthy foods in the winters for smooth easy bowel movements..

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