Private candidates interested in writing the Public Examinations for the 10th, 11th, & 12th Standards can apply for the same from 26th December!
In a notification issued by the Director of the Tamil Nadu State Government Examination Board, it is mentioned:

“In the current academic year (2022-23), the Public Examinations for the 10th, 11th & 12th Standards are scheduled to be conducted in March & April 2023!

Candidates are interested in writing the above need to apply ONLINE.

Candidates who passed the 11th Standard (+1) or failed, and those who did not write the examinations can all apply for writing the 12th Standard (+2) Public Examinations and also apply ONLINE for writing the Public Examinations again in the failed subjects!

Candidates interested in the above, can visit the Office of the Directorate of the Examination Board Service Centres of the State Government of Tamil Nadu and APPLY ONLINE FROM THESE SERVICE CENTRES!

For the candidates who fail to apply within the above deadlines, there is still an opportunity: They can visit the above centres and apply ONLINE ON TATKAL PLAN BASIS.

The examination fees: Rs. 1000/- for the 11th & 12th Standards (+1 & +2) and Rs. 500/- for the 10th Standard!

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