We often hear from many doctors and nutritionists that eating nutritious foods is very essential for our body. How many of us have made sure of proper nutrient absorption in our body?

It is true that not only the intake of nutritious food is essential but also the absorption of nutrients by our body. The nutrient absorption  faces issues from lifestyle.  There are certain things we must do for effective nutrient absorption in our body.

Various ways are

By chewing food properly:
This is a very important way for effective nutrient absorption by our body. By chewing food properly, there would be better digestion. The digestive enzymes would absorb them effectively when food gets broken down. It is known that many of us do not chew foods properly while eating and get some issues later on.

By adding fibre rich foods:
For good digestion and for good gut health, we must eat fibre rich foods. By this, there would be bowel movements and malabsorption would be reduced.

By staying hydrated:
We must make sure that we consume enough water every day. This would keep the body hydrated. By this, nutrients would be carried out to all parts of our body and there would be superb absorption of nutrients.

By consuming probiotics:
It is essential to consume probiotics without fail as they would help in the growth of good gut bacteria. The food would get broken down and there would be effective nutrients absorption.

By soaking, sprouting etc:
These would break down the anti-nutrients like phytic acid etc. It must be noted that these antinutrients could come in the way of absorption of nutrients.

By ensuring right food pairing:
For ensuring best nutrient absorption, eating the right food combinations is essential. For example eating banana and yoghurt or eating foods rich in vitamin C and iron etc.

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