Do you remember when was the last time you had washed your bedsheets?

It is a fact that not washing the bedsheets regularly would create an environment that would be favourable for the growth of bacteria, fungi etc. Many of us do not wash our bedsheets for months together also due to lack of time or not knowing about the importance of cleanliness etc. This could lead to an array of skin based infections. It is noteworthy that bedsheets would accumulate dead skin cells, sweating etc and as a result mites that could lead to  acne, bumps, itching and skin infections etc. Our skin would not get the much needed space to breathe when these are present in our bedsheets. As a result, we could get inflammation and increased skin issues.

We could get these skin infections by not washing bed sheets regularly. They are

Our hair follicles would get clogged when our bed sheets are not washed regularly and this could be due to the accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells, oils etc. By this, we could get folliculitis where there would be reddish colored inflamed pustules etc around the hair follicles.

Acne can be due to several reasons like genetics,  poor diet, stress etc. Truth is that unwashed bed sheets could also be a reason for acne in us. It must be taken into account thaton the dirty unwashed bed sheets  bacteria and sebum could be present and these could lead to acne breakouts.

Unwashed and dirty bed sheets would become an ideal breeding ground for fungi as it would be moist. Contaminated bed sheets could result in contagious ringworm infections in us and we could get red coloured itchy circular shaped rashes.

When there is a cut or an open wound on the skin, then harmful bacteria like streptococcus etc could enter the skin easily. This could lead to impetigo or contagious bacterial skin infection. Point is dirty unwashed bed sheets would result in impetigo spread.

Athlete`s foot:
The presence of fungi in an unwashed bedsheet could result in athletes foot infection in us. During sleep, our feet would come into contact with the unwashed bed sheets and due to this the fungi would go into the feet leading to redness, itching , skin peeling etc.

How to avoid or prevent these skin infections:
Avoiding these skin infections is very important and this would be possible only when we wash our bedsheets regularly. We must practice good hygiene compulsorily.

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