On 10th of March, atleast 1000 fever camps (including 200 fever camps in Chennai would be taking place in TN. In these camps, the public would be diagnosed, counselling would be provided and prescriptions would be given to the patients who have fever, cold and cough etc. This has been confirmed by the TN health minister Mr. M. Subramanian.

There are some areas where the above said cases are high in number and the camps would take place in these areas. It is now said that the fever camps would be held in the community halls across Chennai in 200 wards. There would be a doctor, nurse, a pharmacist and an attendant in each fever camp. Now, there are many people queuing outside the clinics, hospitals etc in Chennai and across Tnas they have the flu. There is now a high demand for blood tests etc. It is important to note that the common seasonal virus that increased in September 2022 is still lingering.

It was mentioned by Dr. TS. Selvavinayagam that the aim of organising the camps was to ensure early referrals for people with complications plus to prevent abuse of antibiotics and self prescription etc. It is true that when the antibiotics are not appropriate then they would result in drug resistance. He spoke about how doctors have been asked not to prescribe antibiotics when it was not necessary. Truth is that most viral infections are self-limiting and the affected ones would recover in a week time or so.

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