Many of us would have had acid reflux issues and would have found it difficult. When the acid present in our stomach flows back into the oesophagus then we could get acid reflux issues. The persons with this issue would show symptoms like chest discomfort, heartburn and regurgitation etc.

It is worth mentioning here that acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter or LES or ring of muscles present between oesophagus and stomach fails to close properly. There are certain foods that would trigger the acid reflux condition in us. So, we must be very careful and try to avoid those foods totally.

There are some super foods that can calm down acid reflux in us and we must consume them without fail. The foods are

Ginger intake:
The acid reflux in us would get reduced when we eat ginger having anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger intake would also help in digestion and calm down an upset stomach.

Oatmeal intake:
The presence of high fibres in the oatmeal would absorb excess stomach acid and this would prevent acid reflux. Therefore, oatmeal consumption is important for those with acid reflux issues.

Bananas intake:
The stomach acid would get neutralised when we eat bananas that are natural antacids. It must be noted that bananas would be gentle on the stomach and would promote healthy gut bacteria.

Leafy greens intake:
By eating leafy greens, our gut health would get benefitted and acid reflux symptoms would get reduced. This would be due to the high fibre content and low acid content of leafy greens like spinach, kale etc.

Yoghurt intake:
By consuming yoghurt rich in probiotics, the bacteria present in the digestive system would get balanced. This would improve our gut health. It is important to select plain unsweetened yoghurt with live cultures to get maximum benefits.

Fennel seeds intake:
It has been used as a natural remedy for so many years for digestive issues like acid reflux etc. Point is that fennel seeds would calm down the digestive tract and lower inflammation.

Melons intake:
It is good to eat watermelons and cantaloupe etc having pH of f 6.1 to 6.7. By eating these fruits, we would get hydrated plus these fruits being less acidic would be easier on the stomach.

Turmeric intake:
The acid reflux symptoms would get reduced by consuming turmeric having anti-inflammatory properties. Our gut health would get promoted by consuming turmeric.

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