Otherwise known as tragacanth gum, gond katira is a natural gum resin that is obtained from the bark of a tree called Astralagus. It is worthy to mention that gond katira is usually recommended by the doctors during the winter season. This is mainly because of the warming effect it would produce when consumed. It must be noted that gond katira is usually consumed in India and in other Asian countries for its superb health benefits. Point is that when the metabolism gets slowed down in the winters, intake of gond katira would do wonders for us. It is good to consume gond katira in moderate quantities.

Important health benefits of consuming gond katira are

Immunity booster:
The presence of antioxidants in gond katra would boost the immunity to a huge extent. We would not get affected with common illnesses in the winters like cold, flu etc.

Keeps body warm:
The cold winters would make us feel uncomfortable is a known fact. In the winter season, intake of gond katra would keep our body warm and comfortable.

Good for digestion:
It is possible for us to have a healthy digestive system by intake of gond katira. This would be due to the laxative property of this.

Increases energy:
By consuming gond katira containing carbohydrates, we could get instant energy This would help us to combat winter fatigue well.

Manages blood sugar:
The presence of fibres in gond katira would help us to control the blood sugar levels effectively. Hence, gond katira could be consumed by the diabetics in the winter season.

Strengthens bones:
It is known that calcium plays a huge role in bone health. Gond katira has calcium and when consumed would strengthen bones.

Weight control:
When we eat gond katira, we feel full and this would make us avoid eating in excess. This would help in our weight control.

Improves skin health:
It is normal that we could get dry flaky skin in the winter season. Intake of gond katira would be superb as it would moisturize our skin from inside.  By this, we could a also avoid getting dry flaky skin.

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