Conquering hunger hormones and food cravings during the festival season is not that easy!!

The biggest festival Deepavali is around the corner. During the festival season especially, we all eat a variety of foods to satisfy our taste buds. It is the time when our healthy routine would go for a toss totally.

Point is that by eating protein rich food we would feel full or satiated and our hunger hormones etc would be kept under control. It is worthy to note that higher protein intake would increase the level of satiety hormones like GLP-1, peptide-YY and Cholecystokinin etc. The levels of hunger hormone ghrelin would be reduced.

Various benefits we could get by eating high protein diet in the festival season are

Tissue building and repairing etc:
It is known to us that proteins are building blocks of skin, hairs, muscle and bones etc. Protein also plays a huge role in the repairing of tissues.

Producing hormones and enzymes etc:
Point is that protein is used for hormones and enzymes and this would play a role in the functions like digestion, metabolism and growth etc.

Nutrients transportation:
Another important role of protein is that they are involved in transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

Immune system booster:
The antibodies would be produced when we eat protein rich food and these antibodies would help us to fight disease, infections etc.

Increase in muscle mass and strength:
For building and maintaining muscle mass and strength etc, proteins are very much essential for us. Intake of protein rich food would be of huge use for elderly persons and those who are physically active etc.

Improved bone health:
By building and maintaining strong bones, protein intake is very essential. By this, risk of fractures etc would be avoided.

Improved control of blood sugar levels:
By slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates, proteins can improve blood sugar control. Those who are diabetic or in the pre-diabetic stage etc would get benefitted.

Boosted metabolism etc:
Our body would burn more calories digesting and metabolising proteins. This is mainly due to the high thermic effect of proteins when compared with other macronutrients.

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