Mostly affecting the long bones present in the arms or in the legs, bone cancer is a rare form of cancer and it accounts for less than 15% of all cancers. There are also chances that bone cancer could start from any bone present in the body. It is true that non-cancerous bone tumors are quite common when compared to the cancerous bone tumors. There are some types of bone cancer that would affect the kids but other types would affect the adults mostly. Bone cancers would initially begin in youngsters of age 10 to 30. It is worthy to note here that chondrosarcoma is a cancer that would occur in the cartilage.
There are few first or initial signs of bone cancer and these are persistent bone pain that could become worse later on, swelling and redness over a bone, weak bone that would break easily etc.
Causes for the bone cancer:
A person could get bone cancer through rare genetic hormones that are passed through families. This cancer could also occur when  a person gets exposed to large doses of radiation. Pagets disease that occurs in the bones of the elders could also result in bone cancers later on.
It must be noted that metastatic bone cancer would occur when other cancers that originated in some parts of the body spread to the bones.
When to see the doctor:
When the person has got new symptoms that don`t go on their own, then he or she must consult a doctor without fail. Point is that when a person breaks the bones or has continuous pain in the bones or has another type of cancer etc then the person must consult a doctor.
Treatment details:
It is important to mention that for treatment for bone cancer few factors must be taken into account such as type of cancer, overall health of the person plus tolerance levels of the person etc. There are 3 ways to treat a person having bone cancer like radiation, chemotherapy, surgery to remove cancer as much as possible. To ease the pain of the patient, doctors might also offer palliative care etc.

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