We all know that calcium is a very important mineral for bones and teeth etc. Not only these but calcium also play a huge role in muscle contraction, support cardiovascular health and improve cholesterol levels etc. Deficiency of calcium is called hypocalcemia. There are certain signs associated with hypocalcemia.

Various signs of hypocalcemia are

Muscle problems:

Calcium deficiency can lead to muscle problems like aches, pain etc in us. Those with calcium deficiency might experience pain while walking etc. Other symptoms like tingling or numbness in arms, legs etc would also be present.

Extreme fatigue:

We could feel extremely fatigued and sluggish when we are calcium deficient. So, please take care


Our bones would become weak and brittle due to osteoporosis conditions. It is worthy to note that hypocalcaemia in the body would lead to osteoporosis. Those with osteoporosis might get fractures frequently.

Severe PMS:

It is true that hypocalcaemia in us could lead to severity in PMS or pre menstrual syndrome in women and she would find it highly uncomfortable. By intake of calcium, a woman would be able to manage her PMS well.


There are also possibilities of getting depression due to low calcium levels. So, please take care.

Irregular heartbeats:

A person can get irregular heart beat and poor calcium levels can also be one reason for that. So it would be important to check for calcium levels if he or she gets irregular heartbeats often.

Memory loss:

Memory loss is one of the worst issues a person could have as it might create issues to both the person and others. It must be noted that calcium deficiency can be a reason for this.


It is highly necessary to consume calcium rich foods like milk, curd, cheese, green vegetables plus nuts like almonds and chia seeds etc

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