In our lives there is one issue which many of us would have got at some point of time and that is anxiety. Point is that anxiety refers to the feeling of fear, uneasiness etc. When a person becomes anxious, then his or her heart rate would increase. Not only that, anxiety would also lead to sweating, restlessness, tension etc. It is necessary that we must take this anxiety issue seriously and get it treated. There are certain foods that would also help us to manage anxiety.

These foods are

Leafy greens intake:

High magnesium content present in leafy greens would help us to manage anxiety well. Here, the magnesium would regulate neurotransmitters and this would create a calming effect on our nervous system.

Blueberries intake:

The presence of antioxidants like flavonoids in the blueberries would lower oxidative stress and inflammation etc. Brain health would be promoted and anxiety disorders could be kept at bay by eating blueberries  rich in antioxidants.

Yoghurt intake:

Intake of yoghurt would have a superb effect on mental health and anxiety issues would be managed well.  Truth is that there is a link between mental health and gut health.

Turmeric intake:

Cucurmin has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and cucurmin is present in turmeric. It is known that chronic inflammation is linked with anxiety issues. Intake of cucurmin would lower symptoms by reducing inflammation in the brain.

Chamomile tea:

Apigenin present in chamomile tea would promote relaxation by binding with the receptors present in the brain. By drinking this tea, we could feel calm and relaxed and would be able to sleep well.

Almonds intake:

It must be noted that almonds are rich in magnesium and zinc. These two play a huge role in lowering the anxiety in us.

Dark chocolates:

Catechins and epicatechins present in dark chocolates would have mood enhancing properties. Therefore, by eating dark chocolates we would be able to manage anxiety.

Oats intake:

Apart from the superb benefits like lowering blood sugar levels, helping in weight loss, reducing the risk of heart diseases etc, intake of oats would also help in reducing or managing anxiety issues.

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