Do you have the habit of drinking soda daily?

Do you know that soda has got more sugar content?

It is noteworthy that by soda we refer to a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavouring etc.

This piece of article would throw some light on the negative effects of intake of soda every day. In other words, when we drink excess soda everyday it would affect our health badly.

Various health issues we could get when we drink soda every day are

Weight gain:
This is one of the most important side effects of excess intake of soda. The sodas mostly have fructose corn syrup and intake of soda would make us put on weight. We could become obese and this would lead to numerous health issues in us.

More chances of diabetes:
It is worthy to note that regular intake of sodas would overwhelm the body`s insulin resistance and we could have elevated blood sugar levels. This would in turn lead to diabetes.

Teeth damage:
We all would love to have white shiny bright coloured strong healthy teeth. The bitter fact is that by consuming sodas every day our enamel would get damaged and we could get decay and cavities etc in the teeth. Bacteria present in the teeth would lead to gingivitis or periodontal disease also.

Bones get weakened:
There is a relation between excess soda intake and weakened bones or poor bone health. It is noteworthy that phosphoric acid present in the sodas would interfere with the calcium absorption in the body. This would result in an osteoporosis issue.

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases:
There are more chances of getting affected with cardiovascular diseases when we drink soda every day. More intake of soda would lead to more BP and abnormal lipid profiles etc. This would make us more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, please take care.

Liver functions get affected:
In metabolizing sugars, our liver plays an important role is well known. When we drink excess soda, then it would overwhelm the liver and would lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. So, please be careful.

Disruption in sleep:
The stimulant caffeine present in the sodas would disrupt the sleeping pattern. By intake of sodas especially in the evenings, we might get difficulties in falling asleep

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