The breads we eat would provide us with less nutrition when compared to the multi grain chapatis. It is worth mentioning that multigrain chapatis are made up of nutritional flours that would provide us iron, protein, vitamin B and fibre etc.

Superb health benefits of eating multigrain chapatis or rotis are

Good gut health:
We would have better digestion when we eat multigrain chapatis . This is due to the presence of grains like oat, barley and millets that would include more fibres. We would not get affected by digestive issues like constipation etc. Our gut health would be good.

Good for weight loss:
By eating multi-grain chapattis we would feel full for a longer duration of time. This would prevent us from eating excess foods. This would help us to lose weight.

Good for heart health:
Intake of grains like barley and oats would reduce our bad cholesterol levels. This would improve our cardiovascular health.

Lowers diabetes risk:
When compared to refined wheat flour, multi grain chapatis have lower glycemic index or GI. This would lower the risk of getting diabetes and we would have controlled blood sugar levels.

Variations in gluten:
There are many who are sensitive to gluten. It is said that intake of multigrain chapatis would offer a gluten-diverse to people who are gluten sensitive.

Balanced release of energy:
There would not be abrupt energy surges and crashes etc when we eat multigrain chapatis. It must be noted that a combination of many grains guarantees slow energy release.

Rich in antioxidants:
By preventing oxidative stress and by lowering the risk of chronic issues, our health would be enhanced by the presence of antioxidants in the multi grain chapatis etc.

Range of taste:
Truth is that multi grain chapatis would enhance the taste as it has a delicious combination of different flavours and textures etc.

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