Not only the quality of food we eat is important, but the time when we eat is also important!!

It is better to eat early than to eat late. With busy work schedules, it might not be possible to eat dinner early. The fact is that eating dinner early would provide us with many health benefits. Hence, we must try to eat our dinner at about 7pm for the sake of our health.

These are amazing benefits we can get by eating dinner early

Better digestion:

Many of us eat dinner and go to bed immediately. This must be avoided totally. We must give some time for the food to get digested before going to bed. Point is that by eating early dinner there would be more time available for digestion of food and there would be better absorption of nutrients etc.

Improved sleep quality:

There is much less chances of acid reflux when we eat dinner early and by this we would have enhanced sleep quality.

Better weight management:

There would be more time available to burn calories when we eat food early. This would help us to manage weight well.

Better regulation of blood sugar levels:

The body would have more time to process and metabolise carbohydrates before resting by eating early dinner. Our blood sugar levels would be regulated well.

Lower risk of heart diseases:

The superb piece f information is that eating early dinner is associated with reduced risk of heart disease. When we eat early dinner, then we would have better blood sugar control and better lipid profiles etc.

Lowered BP:

As the body would have more time to process foods, our blood pressure would get reduced. This would put less stress on the cardiovascular system.

Improved metabolism:

Circadian rhythm would get regulated when we eat early dinner. Our metabolism would get optimised and we would have better energy levels.

Prevents acid reflux:

By eating dinner late and then going to bed immediately, we could get acid reflux in us. Our digestion would become better by eating early dinner.

Better hormonal balance:

It must be noted that by eating dinner early our hormonal balance would be maintained healthy. This would contribute to our overall well being.

Increased energy levels:

We would have sustained energy levels throughout the night by eating early dinner. By this, there would be better productivity and mental alertness etc.

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