To operate well, our body`s metabolic function needs certain nutrients. Point is that vitamin B complex, iodine, iron etc play a huge role in the metabolism. Our metabolism would get slowed down when we are deficient in certain nutrients. It is known to us that nutrition is the process of nutrient acquisition from the environment and metabolism is a process of converting nutrients into substrates.

Various important nutritional deficiencies that will slow down the metabolism in us are

Vitamin D:

Glucose uptake by the cells would be improved by vitamin D. It is necessary that we must get exposed to sunlight for atleast 10 minutes every day. By this, we would be able to avoid deficiency of vitamin D. Some important sources of vitamin D are cheese, fortified foods, egg yolks, red meat etc. persons with vitamin D deficiency would have sleeplessness, fatigue, bone pain, hair loss etc

Vitamin B12:

For the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins etc, vitamin B12 is needed. Various superb sources of vitamin B12 are dosa, kefir, curd etc. Those with vitamin B12 deficiency would have weak muscles, trouble in walking, nausea etc.


Thyroid functioning would get better and metabolism would get boosted by selenium. Superb sources of selenium are Brazil nut, hazelnut, Persons with selenium deficiency would show symptoms like poor immune function, cardiovascular effects, thyroid dysfunctions etc.


Protein synthesis and enzyme activity in us needs zinc. Zinc is present in sources like pumpkin seeds, chickpeas and cashew etc. Persons with zinc deficiency would show many symptoms like eye issues, hair loss, skin changes etc.


It is noteworthy that copper is essential for energy metabolism and iron absorption etc. Those with copper deficiency would show symptoms like anaemia, low body temperature, bone fractures etc. Various sources of copper are whole grains, beans, nuts etc.


Metabolic activity would be improved and fatigue would be lowered. There are important sources of iron like dates, pomegranate, green leafy vegetables etc. Symptoms due to iron deficiency are yellow skin colour, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, headache etc.


Point is that proteins play a major role in the synthesis of enzymes and hormones involved in metabolism. Various superb sources of proteins are lentils, legumes, paneer, milk etc. Symptoms of protein deficiency are hair issues, mood changes, fatty liver, skin issues etc.

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