A drought resistant crop with black or brown coloured seeds is kulith or horse gram. It is known scientifically as macrotyloma uniflorum. Point is that horse gram is used in making many culinary preparations as it is rich in proteins and nutrients.  Since it is given as food to the horses, it is known as horse gram.
Various important nutrients present in horse gram are calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, iron, fibres, antioxidants etc.

There are many health benefits of consuming horse grams and they are
Good for weight loss:
It is very essential to manage our body weight as excess weight could lead to several health complications. The fibres present in horse gram would make us feel full for a long time. By this, we would avoid eating unnecessarily. This would help in the weight loss.
Lowers blood sugar levels:
Horse gram would bring down the insulin resistance in the body. It must be noted that the horse gram intake would reduce the formation of insulin in the body. This would lower the blood sugar levels.
Lowers cholesterol levels:
By lowering the bad cholesterol or LDL and increasing the good cholesterol or HDL in us, intake of horse gram would lead to positive impact on the lipid profile. This would make us less prone to the cardiovascular diseases etc. Heart health would get improved.
Anti-inflammatory properties:
The presence of polyphenols, flavanoids etc in horse gram would lower the inflammation in the body. Hence, intake of horse gram would be superb for those having arthritis or inflammatory conditions etc.
Help in skin disorders:
Applying horse gram paste over the skin would reduce boils, rashes etc. It is worthy to note that the antibacterial, antimicrobial properties of horse gram would nourish the skin.
Treats menstrual disorders etc:
Those women who have heavy bleeding during their periods would get benefited by consuming horse gram. It is noteworthy that intake of horse gram would maintain the levels of haemoglobin in the body.
Protects liver:
Liver is a very important organ in us and hence it is necessary that we must have good liviver health for our lives to be normal. It must be taken into account that by consuming horse gram having hepatoprotective properties (due to the presence of flavanoids and polyphenols etc), our liver would get protected.
Prevents the formation of kidney stones:
It is important to note that by consuming horse gram we would be able to prevent the formation of calcium oxalate crystals or kidney stones in us. The presence of kidney stones would cause severe pain in the back or blood in the urine, fever chills and vomiting etc is well known to us.

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