The officials of the Department of Health of the State Government of Tamil Nadu have informed that preventive actions have been undertaken against the spread of winter complaints such as dengue, chikungunya, malaria, and Japanese Brain fever.

Although there have been some limited complaints about dengue and malaria in Tamil Nadu State, there have been no major complaints of Japanese Brain Fever. In the current year, 3211 citizens have been affected by dengue in Tamil Nadu.

Furthermore, 45 citizens have been affected by chikungunya, 141 citizens are involved with malaria, over 100 citizens have been affected by leptospirosis (rat fever), and over 1000 citizens have been concerned with Scab Typhus (bacterial infectious fever). The Public Health Department officials have informed that only 11 citizens have been involved with Japanese Brain Fever, and there have been no reported fatalities.

In this regard, the Tamil Nadu Government Public Health Department shared:

“Preventive actions against mosquito spread have been undertaken throughout Tamil Nadu. All District Administrations have been strongly instructed to carry out full-fledged precautionary activities, and to inform and take immediate action in case dengue, chikungunya, malaria, or Japanese Brain Fever are detected.

The staff of the Public Health Department has been instructed to focus more on mosquito prevention activities.”

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