The Electricity Board has issued an order to disconnect electricity services for consumers who have failed to settle their bills for more than two consecutive years.

For household electricity usage, readings are taken every two months, while industrial consumption is gauged monthly. Payment for electricity bills is expected within 20 days of the usage reading for residential properties, lest fines are levied.

Presently, approximately 60,000 electricity consumers in Tamil Nadu collectively owe Rs 47 crore in overdue payments. As of last July, the Coimbatore circle records the highest arrears, with 3,823 consumers owing Rs. 21.13 crore, while the second Kanchipuram circle reports 24,000 consumers in arrears amounting to Rs. 11.86 crore. Despite repeated reminders, these consumers have neglected settling their outstanding bills.

Furthermore, electricity connections will be severed for those individuals who remain delinquent for over two years. The power board officials have also instructed engineers to conduct regular field inspections to curb irregularities, including cases of power theft.

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