Fat would get accumulated in the liver and it would result in serious problems in some persons. This is fatty liver disease. Therefore, this health condition must be taken seriously and must be treated as soon as possible. There are certain risk factors associated with this issue and they are obesity, intake of a high fat diet, excessive intake of alcohol, presence of High BP, high cholesterol etc.

There are 2 types of fatty liver disease like alcoholic fatty liver disease and non alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. It is really shocking to note that in the USA about 5 percent of people have alcohol induced fatty liver disease in them. When this fatty liver disease is present then the body parts of a person would swell thereby revealing the presence of this issue.

Various body parts that would swell and reveal the presence of fatty liver disease are

Swelling of abdomen:

This is one of the common signs of fatty liver disease. When the fat gets accumulated in the liver, then the abdomen of the person would swell. The person must consult a doctor immediately if the swelling is present along with pain or tenderness etc. So, please take care.

Swelling of ankles:

Too much presence of fat in the liver would lead to accumulation of fluids in the body leading to swelling of ankles and feet etc. Therefore, persons with swollen feet and ankles must consult the doctor and get it treatmed.

Swelling in the eyes:

One of the reasons for the eyes to swell is the presence of fatty liver disease also. So, persons with swollen eyes must not take it lightly. Presence of too much fat in the liver would make the eyes swell.

Swelling of joints:

It must be noted that when a person has got fatty liver disease then fluid could get accumulated around the joints. The joints would become stiff and the person would have severe pain. It is noteworthy that if this joint swelling persists for more than 3 days then it is very important for the person to go for a check up with the doctor. Please be careful.

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