Many delicious dishes are made using an important red colored vegetable or tomatoes is well known. Still there is a debate going on regarding whether the tomatoes belong to the fruits category or vegetables category. Not only is the use of tomatoes restricted to foods but they also find an important part in skincare also. Tomatoes remove tan during summer and they have antioxidant properties. It is true that by consuming tomatoes we can get protected from the harmful UV radiation etc. Other superb health benefits of eating tomatoes are better heart health, controls blood sugar levels, improves digestion etc.  Some of us eat tomatoes in excess amounts and this could be harmful.

These are the side effects of excess tomatoes intake

Joint pain:
It must be noted that the presence of alkaloids in tomatoes could lead to swelling of the joints. Point is that the alkaloid could lead to build up of calcium in the tissues plus inflammation etc.
Acidity issues:
The presence of citric acid and malic acid in tomatoes can make the gut acidic. There are possibilities of acid reflux or heartburns when a person eats tomatoes in huge amounts.

Discolouration of skin:
Lycopene present in tomatoes could become harmful when tomatoes are eaten in excess amounts. The person can get lycopenodermia or skin discolouration.

By eating large amounts of tomats, a person can get skin allergies also. The compound present in tomatoes can lead to skin rashes. The Person would also show symptoms like sneezing, throat irritation, swelling etc.

Kidney based issues:
When a person consumes excess tomatoes, then the person would get excess potassium and oxalates etc. This can lead to kidney based issues. Those who have kidney problems, must refrain from eating excess tomatoes.

Another side effect of excess intake of tomatoes is diarrhoea. The bacterium salmonella can result in diarrhoea.

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