Do you eat meat regularly, but at some point of time wish to replace meat with a plant based diet?

This piece of article would shed some light on the plant based foods that could replace meat. It is worthy to note that a meat alternative would have taste, texture and appearance etc similar to meat but does not contain meat. There are certain reasons why people leave meat and opt for other plant based meat substitutes. The reasons could be either religious based or health based etc.

Various superb foods that can replace meat are

Lentils intake:
Point is that lentils have the ability to absorb flavours and due to this reason lentils could be a superb plant based meat replacement. These lentils could be used as a substitute for ground meat in foods like tacos, meat balls etc.

Chickpeas intake:
It is true that chickpeas are protein rich options and they would add superb texture to several dishes. The chickpeas can be consumed as hummus or as crunchy snacks etc.

Tofu intake:
It is noteworthy that tofu contains all the amino acids that we need for our health. Point is that tofu is condensed soy milk pressed into blocks of varying firmness. Tofu is highly versatile and it could be stir fried and used as a flavourful dish or crumbled and used as ground meat substitute etc.

Quinoa intake:
We can use quinoa instead of meat in salads etc. Truth is that quinoa has nutty flavour and fluffy texture and due to this it could be a superb substitute for meat.

Mushrooms intake:
Mushrooms could be a great choice for grilling or stuffing etc and this could be due to the meaty texture. Example is Portobello mushrooms. In dishes such as burgers or pasta sauce etc, finely chopped mushrooms could mimic the texture of ground meat.

Seitan intake:
Also called wheat gluten, seitan is another plant based meat substitute. It could mimic the flavour and texture of chicken. Those who want a plant based replacement for stir-fries, sandwiches etc could eat seitan.

Jackfruit intake:
It is noteworthy that jack fruit would work well as a meat substitute in foods like tacos, sandwiches etc. . It is known as palapazham in Tamil. It has got a fibrous texture. Unripe jackfruit has got a stingy, meaty texture similar to pork or beef etc. It must be noted that jackfruit is a popular replacement for meat in curies, tacos etc.

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