Located in the pelvic cavity, a temporary storage reservoir of urine inside our body is the urinary bladder. Truth is that the size and shape of the urinary bladder would vary depending on the amount of urine it contains. Not many of us would know that the foods we eat would affect the urinary bladder. Many of us suffer from bladder issues after eating certain foods etc. There are certain foods that would irritate the urinary bladder in us and this would make us highly uncomfortable. We must know that certain spicy foods, carbonated beverages etc would lead to bladder issues in us and try to avoid them. There is a necessity to maintain the urinary bladder health for our lives to be normal.

Foods to eat for sake of urinary bladder health to be good are

Pears intake:

For promoting bladder health, pears are good. The presence of high fibre content plus malic acid etc in this fruit makes them superb for the health of the urinary bladder. The vitamin C present in the urinary bladder would keep the bladder calm. There would be reduced need to go to the restrooms.

Berries intake:

It must be noted that berries like strawberries, raspberries etc are rich in vitamin C and flavanols etc and they fight bacteria. The high water content of this fruit would help to flush out the urinary bladder.

Whole grains intake:

We can maintain a healthy urinary bladder by eating whole grain foods like brown rice, quinoa etc. There are also other superb benefits which we can get by eating whole grain foods.

Oats intake:

By eating oats, we could be free from constipation issues and pressure on the bladder would get lowered. It is noteworthy that intake of oats would also reduce bladder pain associated with conditions like cystitis etc.

Nuts intake:

Due to high protein, fibre and essential protein content, nuts are another superb food for the urinary bladder health. Nuts like almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios etc are superb for urinary bladder health.

Garlic intake:

It is known that garlic intake would provide us with many superb benefits. Point is that intake of garlic would also help us to maintain a healthy urinary bladder. It has got the ability to fight urinary tract infections in us.

Green beans intake:

We would have a healthy urinary bladder function when we eat green beans. The chances of urinary tract infections would get lowered by eating beans.

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