The District administration of Ranippettai District has informed that within the first 2 days of the Book Exhibition conducted here, over Rs. 2 lakhs worth of books were sold!

Ranippettai District Collector t. Bhaskara Pandiyan shares regarding this:

  • “The citizens, youth, students of private schools and colleges, readers, and representatives of the local administration have to visit the Book Exhibition to procure good books at lower prices in the exhibition.
  • The First Large Book Exhibition was conducted from 14th October (Friday) at the Arignar Anna Government Women’s Arts College in the District of Ranippettai.
  • There are more than 40 stalls selling books. Books of interest for all age groups are on display and on sale!
  • Books of eminent writers are all available. So far, over 45000 persons have visited including school and college students – boys and girls – and citizens and book aficionados.
  • In this scenario, on 14th & 15th October alone, Rs. 337932/- worth of books have been sold in this book exhibition!
  • Further, arts programmes for school and college students, rural folk artists group performances, debates (Pattimandrams) etc., are being organized in this book exhibition. Visitors of all age groups enjoy watching these events!
  • The Book Exhibition is scheduled to conclude on 23rd October. As such, all the stalls are open from 11.00 AM until 9.00 PM.”

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