Naveen, a student of the 11th Standard C section of Thorappadi Government High School and the son of a labourer of daily wage, has won a gold medal in an international wrestling competition!

In an earlier time, only private school students won prizes and championships in Sports Competitions, and arts and cultural competitions!

However, in the present times, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has undertaken several initiatives to train and encourage government high school students to participate in these competitions and display their talents and skills!

As such, in Tamil Nadu Government High Schools equal importance is given to sports as much as studies!

It is worth noting that the State Government of Tamil Nadu plays a direct role here by providing the necessary funds and thus encouraging the students. As such, sporting competitions are held to bring out the talent/skill of their students.

With this encouragement and necessary training/help, in recent times, the students of government high schools have participated in competitions and have been winning medals and prizes galore!

An outstanding example of this development is the Thorappadi Government High School. More than 800 boys/girls students have been studying in this school!

In this school, both boys’ and girls’ students participate in various competitions including sports, essay-writing, and elocution (talking) displaying their talents/skills while winning!

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