To satisfy our taste buds, every now and then we might eat some foods that are spicy. For this reason only, we eat foods like burgers, pizzas etc. We must watch out for the frequency with which we consume these fast foods. Bitter truth is that excess intake of fast foods could cause serious damage to the liver.

Eating excessive high calorie or processed foods etc would make us gain weight and make us resistant to insulin. This could result in metabolic syndrome disease in us. So, please take care.  A cluster of diseases that would increase the possibilities of getting heart attacks, strokes and diabetes etc is termed as metabolic syndrome.

Effect of fast foods on liver health:
It is well known to us that the liver is one of the most important organs in our body and is an essential organ for many metabolic functions, toxic chemicals, detoxification etc. The liver would become overly obese when we eat excess processed or fast foods etc. This would lead to the formation of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD.

Worsening of NAFLD could lead to liver cirrhosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH etc. Liver could get inflamed plus insulin resistance etc when we eat too much of processed foods rich in carbohydrates and refined sugars etc. Excess amounts of salt present in fast foods could lead to liver inflammation and change liver blood flow etc.

Ways to choose a healthier lifestyle & diet:
By following small and frequent food pattern:
It is possible to avoid unhealthy snacking by consuming small frequent meals or five to six meals per day. By this, we could feel full and would maintain body weight.

By including lots of fruits and vegetables:
It is noteworthy that fruits and veggies are rich in fibres, vitamins and minerals and low in calories. Point is that it would be superb for a person to eat beetroot roti, mooli roti etc cooked in less oil. Foods like vegetable raita, vegetable smoothie etc would also be superb.

By knowing the diff between thirsty and hungry:
It is true that we get confused between hunger and thirst and instead of drinking water eat more calories. This must be avoided. It must be noted that drinking water would flush out the toxins from the body and would also suppress hunger pangs.

By selecting the fluids in a wiser manner:
Choosing the right kind of fluid is v very important. We could drink lemon water, coconut water etc instead of sugary drinks, colas, aerated drinks etc.

By exercising for atleast 30min daily:
For sake of healthy body weight and for managing the blood sugar levels etc, we must do exercises daily for 30 minutes atleast.

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