If you come to know that the food you eat (thinking it is healthy) is actually unhealthy and it`s the reason for your health issues, then how will you feel??

We all eat so many delicious foods to satisfy our taste buds. Normally, when we eat these foods we think that they are good for our health. It is true that we fall for the packaging trap and just ignore the calories, added sugars and fats present in these foods.

Before consuming these so-called healthy foods, think twice.

Smoothies intake:
Many of us eat smoothies as they are delicious. How many exactly know that fact that the smoothies would contain added sugars and high fructose corn syrup.

Granola mix intake:
High in sugars and calories, intake of granola is bad for us. They mostly consist of oat, a sweetener plus some dried fruits and nuts and cooking oil etc.

Caesar salad intake:
Point to be noted is that Caesar salad is a green salad containing lettuce and croutons with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, eggs etc.

Frozen yoghurt intake:
We mostly eat frozen yoghurt thinking that it has less fat content than ice cream. We might know that the frozen yoghurt would have more sugar content.

Protein bar intake:
Considered better than chocolates, protein bars would have more added sugars than chocolates. In addition, the protein bars might also have saturated fats and low nutrient ingredients etc. So, please take care.

Multigrain bread intake:
Multi grain bread would have oats, barley, soya beans, wheat, millet etc. This bread might have lots of sugars and not much fibre. This would not be healthy for us.

Baked chips intake:
Baked chips might have lots of added sodium to keep their flavour intact. So, please try to avoid eating baked chips.

Breakfast cereals:
Not many of us would know that the cereal that we eat for the breakfast would have refined sugars plus lots of sugars etc.

Veggie sticks:

We all would have eaten veggie sticks made from corn flour, potato starch with spinach. The veggie sticks are not nutrient dense foods and are unhealthy.

Sweetened oatmeal intake:
Another food that we eat thinking it is healthy food only is sweetened oatmeal .By eating sweetened oatmeal, the blood sugar levels in us would spike. Sp, please be careful.

Pretzels intake:
Pretzels would have low fats and proteins, fibres etc but high in sodium and carbs etc. Hence, we must not eat this food. Please take care.

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