Is it a heart attack or not??
This confusion would be there in many of us when we get chest pain. It is natural that whenever we get chest pain, shortness of breath or feeling fatigue etc we feel that it is mainly due to a heart attack. We feel highly nervous and panic when we get chest pain.
Fact is that chest pain need not be due to heart attack. It has been mentioned by cardiologists that many other health conditions in us could mimic the symptoms associated with a heart attack. We must try to understand these health conditions and by that we would be able to identify a heart attack well.
What is a heart attack?
Known as myocardial infarction, heart attack occurs when part of the heart muscle doesn`t get enough blood. Various symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, cold sweat, fatigue, heartburn, indigestion etc.
These below mentioned heath conditions could mimic or be similar to a heart attack. So, please don`t get confused.
Gastroesophageal reflux disorder or GERD:
It is also known as acid reflux and it could lead to chest pain in us and this chest pain would confuse many of us. It must be noted that the acid contents in the stomach would irritate the esophagus leading to chest pain.
 Panic attacks:
Whenever we feel very anxious, then we could get chest pain, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath etc. Many of us would associate this chest pain with a cardiovascular issue.

Gallbladder issues:
Pain would radiate towards the chest when we have  gallstones or inflammation due to gallbladder. This type of chest pain would also make us believe that it could be due to a heart attack.

Lung conditions:
It is possible to get chest pain, breathing issues etc when we have pneumonia, pleurisy etc in us. So, the chest pain need not be due to heart attack always.

There are possibilities of getting sharp chest pain when there is an inflammation of cartilage connecting the ribs to the breast bone.

Pulmonary embolism:
We could get chest pain, shortness of b breath etc  when we have a blood clot in the lungs. Therefore, proper diagnosing is very necessary for the correct treatment.

Strained muscles:
Most of us would not be able to relate chest pain with the strained muscles. It is noteworthy that musculoskeletal pain or chest injuries could result in pain radiating to the chest. We confuse this strained muscles chest pain with a heart attack.

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