Many of us consume an ideal energy drink or orange juice for breakfast. The orange juice is rich in antioxidants plus it has got anti-inflammatory properties etc. In addition to these, intake of orange juice could also improve our heart health plus reduce the chances of kidney stones etc in us. It is good if we consume 240ml of orange juice daily. How many are aware that this orange juice when consumed in excess amounts could create many health issues in us??

Various health issues we can get by excess intake of orange juice are

Lead to weight gain:
This is one important side effect of intake of excess orange juice. Orange juice has got calories, fibres and healthy fats etc and these would increase the blood sugar levels in us. This would lead to weight gain.

Risk of type 2 diabetes:
There are more chances of us getting type 2 diabetes by consuming orange juice in excess quantities. So, please be careful.

BP gets lowered:
It is important to note that excess intake of orange juice could lower the blood pressure in us. Those who are overweight would have this problem when they consume orange juice in excess amounts.

Apart from other reasons for getting skin allergies, intake of excess orange juice could also be a reason. Truth is that citric acid present in this juice could lead to irritations of skin, mouth and stomach etc.

Cause sleeplessness:
Excess intake of orange juice can lead to sleeplessness also. The increase in the blood sugar levels in us would lead to this sleeplessness.

Digestive issues:
Truth is that when we drink excess amounts of orange juice then there are possibilities of getting digestive issues like diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort etc.

Nausea, vomiting etc:
It is possible to get issues like nausea and vomiting also when we drink too much quantity of orange juice.

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