The low oxygen levels in the blood would make us feel tired and exhausted. Point is that to reverse this we could increase the oxygen in the blood.
Here are a few ways to increase oxygen in the blood by doing exercises, improvements in posture, by getting fresh air, by deep breathing and by quitting smoking and alcohol etc. Important piece of information is that the blood oxygen levels in healthy persons vary from 95% to 100%.It is also possible to increase oxygen supply in the blood by eating certain foods.

Foods to eat to increase oxygen supply in the blood are

Intake of kiwi:
Apart from providing us with many health benefits like improvement in the digestive health, improvement in sleep, immunity booster etc, kiwi intake could also result in more oxygen supply in the blood.

Intake of pomegranates:
They are considered to be good vasodilators and they would expand the blood vessels in us. Therefore, it is important to eat pomegranates for increasing the oxygen supply in the blood.

Intake of spinach:
By improving the blood circulation and enlarging the blood vessels, consuming the nitrate rich spinach plays a huge role. Hence, we must eat this without fail for more oxygen supply in the blood.

Intake of oranges:
The presence of flavonoids in the oranges would reduce the stiffness in the blood vessels and would increase the flow of the blood. It is well known that intake of oranges would fight inflammation plus boost immunity etc.

Intake of broccoli:
To improve oxygen levels in the blood, we must eat broccoli without fail. Intake of broccoli would also provide us other important health benefits like lowers inflammation, improves blood sugar control, improves heart health etc.

Intake of walnuts and almonds:
The oxygen supply in the blood would increase by eating walnuts. It must be taken into account that intake of walnuts would regulate BP and lower arterial inflammation etc. In the same manner, intake of almonds would lower the blood vessel inflammation. The oxygen levels in the body would be improved by omega 3 fatty acids present in the almonds.

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