The Department of Transport of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered that the drivers and the conductors of the State Government buses MUST AVOID BEHAVING ARROGANLTY WITH PASSENGERS AND TREAT THEM WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT!


The Department of Transport of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has now ordered the guidelines to the drivers and conductors to ensure that there is no loss incurred by the department due to the erratic behaviour of the drivers and conductors with the passengers!


The State Government Transport Department Drivers and Conductors must operate their buses only as the MUST OPERATE THE BUSES AS PER ROUTES GIVEN IN THE TABLE!


They must stop the buses at the set bus stops! They must ensure the safe entry and exit of the passengers!


The conductor must ensure getting the right bus fare from the passengers and issue the right ticket.


Any repair required in the buses moat be done immediately and the vehicle kept in good operating condition. The buses must be operated on the given right route as per the timetable issued by the Transport Department.


Droning must be careful and not violate traffic rules and regulations! As such, the vehicle MUST BE DRIVEN SAFELY!


The Managing Director of the Transport Department has sent a circular to all the zonal managers and Branch Managers that by the systematic operation as per the above regulations, the operation of the buses will be enhanced and as such, it will increase revenues from bus tickets as well as other revenues!

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