Waking up every morning with a headache is not easy. It is true that when we start the day with a headache, then the pain consumes our total energy and efforts etc that we could have used for doing some productive work. Various types of headaches which many of us get are migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, hypnic headaches etc.

If we get headaches in the morning then these could be the reasons for that.

Lack of enough sleep:
There are many who do not get sufficient sleep at night and often get up in the morning with a headache. Therefore, by sleeping enough we could avoid this. It is important to get the issue corrected by consulting a doctor. It is necessary that we must sleep for 6 hours atleast every night.

Not only lack of sleep but even over sleeping could result in morning headaches in us. By over sleeping, our circadian rhythm would get disturbed and this would finally disturb the consistent sleep cycle.

Anxiety, depression etc:
There are chances of getting headaches in the morning due to anxiety and depression etc. It must be noted that migraines and headaches are related directly to the mood. There are medications available that would improve the mood (lower anxiety depression etc) and these medications could be taken after visiting a doctor.

There are some people who grind or clench their teeth and this also could lead to headaches when they get up in the morning. It is learnt that by teeth grinding pain is produced from the TMJ in the jaw. This would result in a headache.

Neck muscle strain:
The muscles on the neck would have extreme pressure due to improper sleeping position etc. This could lead to headaches in the morning.

When a person doesn`t drink water in the night then he or she might become dehydrated during the sleeping hours and could wake up with a headache.

Presence of health condition:
Brain tumour can also cause morning headaches and it is necessary to watch out for other symptoms of brain tumour like seizures, behaviour changes, vision issues etc.

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