The Director of the Department of Public Health Selvavinayagam has informed us that all necessary activities are being taken to prevent the spread of dengue fever.

Selvavinayakam shared in this regard:

“Tamil Nadu has been severely affected by the spread of dengue fever! However, over the last week, there are indications of a reduction in the spread of dengue fever.

War-front activities have been undertaken jointly with all departments to prevent and reduce the spread of dengue fever.

The Districts have been advised to organize camps for dengue treatment if required!

Tamil Nadu Government has sufficient stock of required medicines!

Officials have made visits to monitor the conditions in residential complexes, commercial complexes, schools, shops, marriage halls, theatres and residential areas.

Dengue fever is spread through Aedes Mosquitos which thrive and breed in good clean water. As stagnant water is found in locations such as residential terraces, and open spaces and rainwater is collected on thrown items, these Aedes mosquitoes breed in these locations!

So, the public needs to take extra care to maintain their houses and surroundings clean and dry!”

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