The Department of Transport of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to operate 2700 special buses on the sacred and hugely popular occasion of the Deepam Festival in Thiruvannamalai Lord Arunchaleswarar temple!

The globally famous Karthigai Deepam Thirvizha (Deepam FESTIVAL) is scheduled to commence on 27th November with the divine flag-hoisting ceremony.

The climax of the most important event of the Deepam Festival, the LIGHTING OF MAHA DEEPAM ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, IS TO BE PERFORMED ON 6TH DECEMBER!

Due to the raging coronavirus pandemic over the last 2 years, the events such as the procession of the deity of the Lord Arunchaleswarar on the temple corridor streets were cancelled. As all corona-related restrictions are relaxed now, the procession of the deity of Lord Arunchaleswarar on a chariot will be performed this year!

It is a tradition to mark the commencement of the Karthigai Deepam Festival with prayers to the boundary God (Yellai Deivam). As such, the poojas and prayers for the ‘Yellai Deivam’ (Boundary God) are scheduled to be performed from tomorrow (Friday, 25th November). The ‘Durgai Amman’ festival is also scheduled to be performed tomorrow!

It is expected that more than 25 Lakh devotees will visit Tiruvannamalai to participate and pray during the Maha Deepam festival!

To facilitate these devotees, Tamil Nadu State Government Transport Department has decided to operate 2700 special buses for the special sacred occasion of the Deepam Festival’!

Further, it has informed that additional buses will be run depending on the number of devotees!

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