Do you have a stomach ulcer and do you find it uncomfortable?

In the lining of the stomach or the small intestine, we could develop painful sores and this is known as peptic ulcer or stomach ulcer. A person with a stomach ulcer could have various symptoms like abdominal pain below the ribcage, indigestion, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting etc.

The stomach ulcers could be due to various factors like use of NSAIDS, heavy alcohol intake, bacterial infections due to helicobacter pylori etc. Truth is that these could break down the stomach`s defence against acid it produces to digest food. As a result, the stomach lining could get damaged resulting in the ulcer.

There are some daily habits that can lead to stomach ulcers in us. These are

Irregular intake of food:

Many of us either completely do not eat or eat at irregular times due to various reasons. This could lead to stomach ulcers in the long run. When we skip breakfast or meals the new disrupt the delicate balance that is present between gastric acid secretion and digestive process. Our stomachs produce too much acid when we skip food. This might damage the stomach`s protective mucous lining also. By this, we could get stomach ulcers.

Eating spicy foods:

It must be taken into account that consuming spicy foods once in a while would be good but not regularly or every day. The stomach lining would get irritated by eating spicy foods containing capsaicin etc. This could lead to the production of stomach acid. Those who are prone to stomach ulcers must eat less spicy foods only.

Excess caffeine intake:

Majority of us would drink coffee or tea in the morning. Point is that these beverages have caffeine and excess drinking of these beverages could lead to stomach ulcers. Not many would be aware of the fact that the caffeine present in these beverages would lead to production of excess stomach acid. This could damage the stomach protective lining leading to ulcers.

Chronic stress:

It is true that stress has become part and parcel of our lives. When a person is highly stressed, then his or her cortisol levels would increase and this would damage the stomach lining. Bitter truth is that prolonged stress would erode the stomach`s protective lining leading to stomach ulcers. It would be possible to manage stress by doing deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation etc.


Not only our lungs and heart get affected by smoking but also our stomach. The smoke would make the stomach lining less resistant to the stomach acid. This could lead to stomach ulcers in us. The natural healing and repair of the stomach would get disrupted due to reduced blood flow to the stomach.

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