Have you ever noticed that the sinus issue increases during the winter season?

Having sinus problems like nasal blockage or ear blockage etc would lead to huge discomfort and would make our daily lives difficult. Winters can make a person`s life miserable because the person is more likely to get affected by issues like sinus, congestion, cold, cough, fever etc. Moreover, issues like asthma, bronchitis, arthritis plus others like diabetes and hypertension etc would also get exacerbated in the winters. It is noteworthy that the dry weather during the winter season could be the reason for sinus issues.

There are few important reasons why sinus gets aggravated during the winter seasons. These are

Presence of dry air:
We could get nasal issues due to the presence of dry air in the winter season. Truth is that the cold and dry air would make our nasal passages become dry and irritated. This would cause sinus issues.

 Indoor allergens;
There are many indoor allergens like dust mites, pet dander and mold etc and these could trigger sinus symptoms. It is true that during winters many of us would try to spend indoors and by this chances of exposure to indoor allergens would increase.

 Viral infections:
There are possibilities that viral infections like cold, cough etc could lead to sinus issues in us in the winter season. It is highly necessary to practise hand hygiene like washing hands with soap regularly to avoid viral infections. It is also a must to avoid close contacts with those who are sick plus getting flu vaccine etc.

Changes in temperature:
Our nasal passages would get irritated when we move frequently from the cold exteriors to warm interiors. The extreme changes in temperature in us would result in sinus issues. We must try to avoid extreme temperature changes as much as possible.

Weakened immune function:
When we have poor immune functions, then we are more prone to get sinus problems. By adopting a healthy lifestyle we could improve our immune system. It is a must to eat a well balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, exercising regularly, managing stress levels etc.

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