The lives of women will not be easy during their periods or menstrual cycle is a well known fact. Every month for about 3 to 4 days women between age 12 to 45 get periods and many of them experience severe abdominal pain, headaches, mood swings etc. Normally, the women would take medicines or  follow diet change during their periods to overcome the issues.
It is very important that women must give huge importance to their menstrual hygiene during their periods. By changing their sanitary pads frequently plus using the right material to maintain self hygiene practices etc, a woman could maintain her menstrual hygiene during her periods. It has been brought to light that many women during their periods use unhygienic materials and have changed bathing practices etc. This could lead to some side effects.
Various health issues that a woman might face due to poor menstrual hygiene during periods are
Yeast infection:
Candida albicans is responsible for the yeast infection in women. It must be noted that vagina has its own biome with  good bacteria to maintain the balance. Those women with low immunity would have fungus that outgrows the rest of the organisms. By this, she would get an infection. By following poor menstrual hygiene the condition will worsen.
Fungal infection:
During periods, women would have issues like itching, burning sensation, irritations, white discharge etc. By not changing the sanitary pads, a woman would get fungal infection.
Point is that UTIs or urinary tract infections are the most common types of infections that a woman could get in her periods due to poor menstrual hygiene.
Bacterial vaginosis:
Hewre, there would be alterations in the pH balance of vaginal secretions and this will lead to change in the natural flora. If proper menstrual hygiene is not followed, then unhealthy bacteria will breed due to high pH that will provide a suitable environment for the bacteria.

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