Women belonging to the reproductive age have lots of chances to get affected by a hormonal disorder called PCOS or poly cystic ovarian syndrome. It has been brought out that a woman could get PCOS due to factors like history, genetics, obesity etc. It must be noted that the environment might also be a reason for PCOS in women.

Women with PCOS would show several symptoms like irregular periods, excessive hair growth or hirsutism, hair loss, stress, anxiety, sleep issues etc. It is usually detected by means of pelvic scan or by ultrasound process etc. Doctors usually suggest the PCOS affected women to avoid processed foods and opt for whole grain foods etc.

The PCOS affected women can manage their symptoms by these fantastic Ayurvedic remedies.


For the health of women, shatavari is considered as a rejuvenating herb. Point to be noted here is that this herb would regulate hormones, support reproductive health and would reduce the symptoms related to PCOS.


It is noteworthy that ashwagandha is a stress an adaptogenic herb with stress reducing properties. It does superbly by lowering cortisol levels and by improving the hormonal balance etc.


By consuming triphala, a woman could have good digestion, improved metabolism and good hormonal balance etc. it is known that triphala is a combination of 3 fruits namely amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki etc.


The intake of guggul would help lower the PCOS symptoms like acne, excessive hair growth etc. Guggul has anti-inflammatory as well as lipid lowering properties. The cholesterol levels would get regulated.


Symptoms of PCOS like weight gain and irregular periods would get reduced if a woman consumes fenugreek. Being rich in fibres and phytoestrogens etc, fenugreek intake would regulate menstrual cycles etc.


Hormone levels in women would get regulated by licorice intake. This licorice has got both anti-inflammatory and anti androgenic properties.


It is revealed that the presence of cucurmin in turmeric would lower inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity and lower PCOS symptoms etc effectively. It is known that cucurmin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties etc.


When women with PCOS consume cinnamon, then their blood sugar would get regulated plus insulin sensitivity would get improved etc. Menstrual cycles would get regulated.


By consuming trikata, women would have better digestion and increased metabolism, better weight management etc. It is worthy to note that Trikatu is famous for its digegestive and metabolism boosting properties.

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