From immune system response to cell growth and hormone production etc, zinc plays an important role in us. It is noteworthy that due to hormonal fluctuations and reproductive health women have specific zinc requirements. One issue that is common these days in women is zinc deficiency. It is worthy to mention here that women must take 8mg of zinc per day for their health sake. Women must have awareness about their signs or symptoms and by that their issues could be addressed well.

There are few signs of zinc deficiency that every woman above the age of 40 must know and these are

Changes in skin:
In those women who have crossed 40 years of age, zinc deficiency would be shown by signs like eczema like skin lesions, rashes around mouth and nose etc. It is necessary that the woman must consult a skin doctor.

Hair loss:
If a woman has got zinc deficiency then she might show signs like hair loss, brittle nails etc. Truth is that zinc plays a huge role in hair growth and follicle health and zinc deficiency would disrupt the process.

Reproductive issues:
Menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility would get disrupted if a woman has zinc deficiency in her. For reproductive health to be good, zinc plays a vital role.
Fatigue and mood changes:
It is noteworthy that deficiency of zinc would lead to fatigue, low energy etc in women above 40 years of age. It is believed that zinc deficiency would affect neurotransmitter function and brain health etc.

Slow healing:
Collagen synthesis and tissue repair etc take place due to zinc and these would be crucial for wound healing. In those women above 40 years of age having low zinc, wound healing would be very slow.

Low immunity:
Zinc plays a vital role in the production and functioning of immune cells and it is essential for the immune system. When a woman above the age of 40 is having zinc deficiency, then she has more chances of getting infections etc.

Loss of appetite taste etc:
Point to be noted is zinc plays an important role in taste perception and appetite regulation etc. Poor levels of zinc would lead to reduced levels of smell or taste etc.

Vision issues:
Women with zinc deficiency could get night blindness and visual acuity etc. It is worth mentioning here that zinc is responsible for the production of pigment melanin. This pigment would protect the eyes from damage due to light.

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