There is glue present in us that holds our bodies together providing structure and support to our skin, bones etc and this is collagen. When we grow older or after crossing 30 years, the collagen in us would reduce and there is more need to restore or replenish collagen to its original levels. By this, our overall health and vitality would be maintained. Various foods that have collagen are bone broth, chicken, legumes, peppers, leafy greens etc.

Reasons why intake of collagen foods is necessary are

For keeping bones healthy:
It must be noted that collagen stimulates bone formation while slowing down bone loss. When we grow older, we need strong bones to avoid issues like osteoporosis in us. To support bone density etc, incorporating collagen in our diet is necessary.

For strengthening hairs, nails etc;
By intake of collagen based foods, our hairs and nails would become strong. By this, we would have thick strong black hairs and strong nails etc in us.

For improving gut health:
For our overall health to be good, our gut health must be good. Point is that collagen supports the lining of the digestive tract, prevents leaky gut syndrome, maintains balanced gut flora etc.

For improved heart health:
It is true that by consuming collagen rich foods our cholesterol levels would be maintained healthy and we would not get heart based issues.

For reducing joint pains etc:
Muscle repair would be supported and joint pains and aches would be reduced due to the anti-inflammatory properties of collagen.

For reducing wrinkles etc:
By intake of collagen rich foods, the fine lines and wrinkles would be avoided in us. It must be taken into account that collagen would keep the moisture locked in the skin and elasticity would get boosted.

For improving gum health:
Overall oral health would be improved as the integrity of the gum tissues would be maintained by the intake of collagen rich foods.

For replenishing nutrients:
The bitter fact is that as we grow older our bodies would start t to lack the nutrients that were present in abundance. Intake of collagen foods would replenish these building blocks leading to improved overall health.

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