By blending almonds with and then straining the mixture to remove the solids we could get almond milk. It is noteworthy that when compared to the traditional cow`s milk the almond milk is a dairy free alternative. The naturally lactose free, low in calories almond milk can be prepared at the homes itself. There are many ingredients present in almond milk such as calcium, vitamin A, E, C and D2 and omega 3 fatty acids etc.

Numerous benefits of intake of almond milk are

Supports weight management:
By drinking almond milk we could feel full and due to that we would not eat unnecessarily. This would help us to maintain weight. The presence of healthy fats plays an important role here.

Good for heart health:
It is true that by consuming almond milk the chances of getting issues like heart disease and strokes etc would get reduced. This is due to the fact that almond milk is low in saturated fats and cholesterol content.

Promotes bone health:
For good bone health, calcium and vitamin D are very important. It must be noted that almond milk is fortified with these 2 and by drinking this milk our bones would get enough strength.

Good for skin health:
Those who are highly concerned about their skin must drink almond milk. By drinking almond milk, oxidative stress would get lowered plus collagen would be produced. It is known that collagen is responsible for glowing healthy skin.

Good for digestion:
Persons who have digestive issues and persons who are lactose intolerant could drink almond milk. Truth is that almond milk is easily digestible.

Regulates blood sugar levels:
The diabetic persons can drink almond milk without any issue as intake would not cause a spike in the blood sugar levels. This is because almond milk has a low glycemic index.

Immunity booster:
The presence of vitamin E in almond milk would boost the immunity to a huge extent. As a result, we could avoid infections, diseases etc.

Improved brain health:
Our brain health would become better plus cognitive funcnctions would get improved when we drink almond milk rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

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