Also known as feel good hormones, endorphins are natural chemicals that are produced by our body and they act as neurotransmitters. These endorphins reduce the pain, give feelings of pleasure and reduce stress etc in us. Point is that endorphins are released from hypothalamus and pituitary glands present in the brain. Both mental as well as physical well being would get boosted by endorphins.  It is necessary that we must maintain a healthy lifestyle and this would ensure that our body has enough endorphins. Various examples of endorphins are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin etc.

We need endorphins to increase in us for these reasons.

For lowering of pain:
When we feel stressed or have pain, then endorphins are released in us. It must be taken into account that they work by binding to the opioid receptors present in the brain and in the spinal cord. These endorphins would act as natural painkillers.

For enhancement of mood:
By regulating the emotions, endorphins play a huge role in us. They would improve our mood to a huge extent. The endorphins would generate feelings of euphoria and contentment.

For reducing stress and anxiety:
By acting as a natural stress reliever, endorphins would help us to combat stress and anxiety issues. We would feel calm due to endorphins and we would be able to overcome the effects of stress hormones or cortisol etc.

For boosting immunity:
Truth is that endorphins could strengthen our immune system and would help us to fight against infections and diseases etc.

For promotes social bonding:
It is worthy to note that endorphins are involved in social interactions and bonding etc. There would be an increase in the feelings of trust, empathy, connectedness etc.

Important to follow these tips to increase endorphins:
By exercising daily:
It is necessary to do physical activities like walking, swimming, running, cycling etc and these would increase the production of endorphins in us.

By practising mindfulness and meditation;

We could reduce our stress and boost happiness by practising mindfulness techniques and meditation etc. ThThis would boost our endorphins superbly.

By spending time with dear ones:
We can feel happy and satisfied when we spend quality time with our loved ones. By this, endorphins would be increased in us.

By laughing frequently:
Fact is that endorphins would get increased by laughing. Hence, we must engage ourselves in the activities that would make us laugh.

By listening to music:
The release of endorphins would get stimulated when we listen to superb music. It is necessary that we must select uplifting and energetic tunes for this.

By eating dark chocolate:
The cocoa content present in the dark chocolate would increase our endorphin content. Therefore, we must eat dark chocolate without fail.

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