By playing a huge role in the red blood cell formation, vitamin B9 or folate or folacin is one of the B vitamins and is very important for us. In addition, folate also does its part superbly in healthy cell growth and formation etc. It must be noted that to lower the risk of birth defects of the brain and spine, folate is very essential in the early stages of pregnancy. It has been brought out that the recommended daily amount of folates for adult is 400 micrograms

Relation between folate deficiency and bowel cancer:
The bitter truth is that a person would have more chances of getting bowel cancer if the person is folate deficient. This has been revealed by the research works. Also known as colorectal cancer, bowel cancer would begin in the large bowel  that has colon and rectum. The research study was published in Annals of Oncology in 2011.

Those who are deficient in folate would show several symptoms in them

Various symptoms of folate deficiency:
Not only deficiency of folate could lead to bowel cancer but it could also result in anaemia also. Thoise with anaemia would not have enough RBCs in them. These persons would become pale, have issues in breathing , irritability, dizziness etc in them.

There are also possibilities of persons with folate deficiency to get tender, reddish tongue, mouth sores, reduced sense of taste, loss of memory, issues in concentration, vision issues, depression etc. They would also experience lack of energy, muscle weakness, weight loss etc.

Preventing folate deficiency:
It is possible to prevent folate deficiency by eating foods that are rich in folate. Examples are peas, beans, legumes, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits etc.

It is very important to consult a doctor if the above said symptoms are seen. The doctors would recommend certain supplements.

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