Many of us would have eaten pickles and would have found them irresistible. It is noteworthy that pickle is a relish consisting of vegetables or fruits preserved in vinegar etc. Not only pickles increase the taste of food, but they also improve our overall health. In the winter season, there are lots of chances that we would get health issues like cold, cough, congestion, flu etc. Hence, it is necessary for us to eat pickles especially in the cold winters for the sake of our health.


Main ingredients present in the pickles are fruits and vegetables free from spoilage, salt, vinegar, water, spices etc


Intake of pickles is important in the winters because


Probiotics for gut health:
It must be noted that fermented pickles are a source of probiotics and these beneficial bacteria would support a healthy gut in us.


Immunity booster:
It is common that our immunity levels would go down especially in the winter season. Therefore, by consuming pickles our immunity would get boosted. By this, we could get protected against the common cold, flu etc.


Many of us forget to drink enough water during the cold winter seasons and this might lead to health issues also. By eating pickles, we would be able to stay hydrated and by this we would have healthy skin etc.


Maintaining electrolyte balance:
By eating pickles, our electrolyte balance would be maintained well and this is due to the presence of salt in the pickles. Our body functions will be smooth.


Rich in antioxidants:
It is believed that the vegetables in the pickles like cabbage and beetroot etc would have antioxidants in them that would combat oxidative stress and inflammation in us.


Low in calories and weight loss:
As they are low in calories, we could eat pickles with parathas etc.. By eating pickles with low calories, we would be able to lose excess body weight also.


Good for liver:
Our liver would be kept healthy by consuming ingredients like amla etc. it is known that amla would flush out toxins present in the body. Metabolic syndrome would get lowered by the intake of amla.

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